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Writer's Block: Doppelganger Week

Katie Lennon (Massachusetts-based artist) is my official Doppleganger, and we actually address each that way, as in "Thank you Doppleganger!".  It's fun. :)  It all started at FaerieWorlds in 2009, in which a mutual friend we both met at that event that weekend actually thought we were both one person.  Zie was very confused until the 3rd of the festival, when zie finally realized there were 2 of us.  That was pretty funny. :)  Especially given we had attended the ritual together, with me standing next to our friend's wife, and Katie was _in_ the ritual, and our friend still didn't get that there are two of us.  We ended up granting hir photos of me and Katie next to each other, so zie can always tell now that there are two of us.  That was very fun. :)

Who is your look-alike?

I also used to get a lot of "You look like that woman in Braveheart", which was really annoying when I hadn't seen the damn movie (I've still only ever seen the first half of it).  But having since learned that such people were referring to Sophie Marceau, I can live with that. ;P  I also had a guy at a music industry conference try to convince me I should try to get a job as an acting stand-in for Jennifer Connolly.  He was struggling to get careers going on both acting and music, but he was involved in some project with Jennifer Connolly, and apparently he found it striking to meet another long-haired brunette with green eyes, which he thought was very rare.  Granted, my eyes actually change color, so most likely I was just wearing green that day, but that's fun too. ;)

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