gra_is_stor (gra_is_stor) wrote,

Yay Tango medicine!

I've been missing Tango for the past couple of months, largely due to noncooperation from my body. :(  Tonight, I finally made it to a Tango event for the first time in a couple of months. Man was I missing me some Tango. I finally got some, yay! :D

Tomorrow I have a big scary doctor's appointment.  That's probably why I'm still up now, nervous about it and not going the f*ck to bed like I should be.  It's a weird, counterproductive form of stalling.  But, I did fill out the scary forms already, so at least that's done.  And, I have a backup referral name and number, in case tomorrow doesn't work out so well.  I'm hoping it works like an umbrella: if you're not sure whether it's going to rain while you're out, and you bring your umbrella, it doesn't rain.  If you leave your umbrella at home, then it rains.  So, I'm bringing the other referral info as an "umbrella", kind of hoping I get surprising pleasantness instead. ;)  We'll see.

And, I finally got enough done on a new song to Brigid that I think I can do it as an offering on Sunday at the group Imbolg ritual.  I practiced it tonight, and it definitely needs more practice right now, but it's also much better tonight than Tuesday night.  And I have a couple of days for more practice. 

Ok, I suppose I should actually try to go to bed now. :P
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