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ah, being physically embodied...

I was sooo proud of myself.  In my first 48 hours back in my own home, after about 2 weeks of traveling and Cons, I actually for real:
-- cleaned ALL the things (laundry, dishes, put stuff away, put luggage away, etc.)
-- went to the m-----f---ing bank like an adult
-- did grocery shopping

For these, I wanted the adult trophy. ;)

I also went dancing, and yesterday I spent 4 hours on Skype catching up with my roommate, with whom I had not had a long conversation in about 3 weeks, since his boyfriend was visiting him in Mexico for one week, and then I was gone for 2 weeks.  There was much to catch up on.  We didn't even finish yesterday, but we made good progress. :)

Today, I had to make phone calls and catch up on errands that had to be done during business hours.  I slept much more than I have in a while and was slow getting up, but once I was up, I got many things done, yay!  I still needed to do many other things, including cook, and catch up on band stuff, especially for our practice tomorrow.

In amusing news, apparently 3 out of 4 people in my band have a thing for women born in the spring.  Our drummer wanted us to do a live set for his sweetie's birthday party.  Which happens to be 2 weeks after my sweetie's birthday, and one week before our bass player's wife's birthday.  Whether we do one event for the drummer's sweetie and give a nod to the rest of our sweeties, or try to coordinate a slightly bigger celebration, will most likely be discussed tomorrow, but we will be having a live gig some time in April, involving celebrating at some of the sweeties of various band members.  Yay!  :)

Inevitably, after I got many things done, I needed to eat again.  And then oh did my body slam me, like I (thankfully) have not been slammed in quite some time.  On the positive side, I remember when I used to feel like that every time I ate, and at this point, this really is the first time I remember it being this bad in several months.  So, hey, at least I got a vivid reminder of the progress I have made, right?


Now to see what I can realistically do tonight.  Including the paradox that I need to eat again, even if my intestines were not terribly cooperative the last time I tried that.  Fun fun...
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