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The harper and dancer does NOT have arthritis - YAAAYYYY!!!! :)

I went to the rheumatologist yesterday and got my test results.  I now have an actual diagnosis of fibromyalgia/CFS.  He checked over the very thorough set of x-rays of my hands and feet, though, and determined that I do NOT have arthritis.  Yay for no arthritis!  I know fibromyalgia sucks, but (as has now been pointed out by several people who love me) at least it's not necessarily degenerative, which arthritis often is.

It seems from my own observations, of both my own symptoms and those of people I care about who also have fibromyalgia/cfs, that symptom patterns may change and shift over time.  Symptoms can certainly get worse, especially when exposed to whatever one's triggers are, but the condition itself isn't necessarily degenerative.  The shifting can certainly get annoying, as things that used to work stop working, but it can have the plus side too, where a specific trigger response might calm the fuck down and stop being triggered by the same stimulus, or specific bad symptoms lighten up and are not as bad as they once were.  

So, while it sucks to have fibromyalgia and CFS, I've already had the symptoms for years; what's new now is that now I also have a diagnosis.  I'm surprisingly happy to have such a diagnosis.  Talk about a mixed bag. :P

But I can say I am genuinely super happy to NOT have arthritis (which does run in my genetic family, so there was a real risk there).  Yay!

And, this comes after the news a few months ago that I seem to have gotten my blood sugar to stabilize enough that I am not officially hypoglycemic anymore either.  Yay for small things actually working in the body, woohoo!

I seem to have gotten not the best of luck in terms of (possible) auto-immune disorders; I am now officially diagnosed with endometriosis, interstitial cystitis, fibromyalgia, CFS, and costochondritis.  But, other things that could improve have, things that could have been scarier are not, and even the auto-immune disorder soup is standing a better chance of being better understood and managed.  And acknowledged, which is HUGE.  I consider all of these to be steps in a positive direction. :)
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