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I am still alive, just haven't been posting much

I just figured I would post a quick note, since I haven't in a very long time.  For a brief explanation: my roommate and I decided to move out of our current place in May, as our apartment has been blocked from the sun by construction, and we both live with seasonal depression that needs to be managed better than that.  (yes we have a happy light; it's not the same)

We hit some very strange and weird crap that prevented us from actually getting housing, even though my roommate actually does have enough income that it shouldn't have been as difficult as it was when I was in CA with a disabled wife at close to the same income level I've got.  My roommate also wanted to stay very near here (the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle), where his boyfriends are (and where housing is ridiculously expensive).  I have a sweetie 30 - 45 minutes north of here (depending on traffic, usually), and a band that practices weekly an hour and a half north of here.   And between my sweetie and the band and their communities, meetups, and friends, I have a reasonable amount of community further north too.  So far, I've also been steadily exhausted every week after band practice, often for days after I return.

To get cheaper housing, my roommate was willing to go south a bit, but not north.  Each week that another band practice went by, I got even more resistant to moving further south.  Eventually, we decided to split up.  (amicably, it's all good, we're still family)

So, I am now moving 45 minutes north, to Marysville, WA.  The drummer in my band has a poly/pagan household, and they had a room open.  I already know his housemates, who love me, and it's cheap rent.  Plus, I can most likely hitch a ride with the drummer to band practice, completely eliminating the days of exhaustion from driving to practice and back (and even if not, it's a MUCH shorter, 30-minute drive now).

Oh, and in order to make the move possible, I now have a car again!  There has been much drama in getting the damn thing road-worthy, but it is now, so yay!  I now have my first Honda Civic.  I suppose it was doomed to happen eventually. :)  And one of my friends dubbed the color of my car "stealth green", which I love. :D  It looks black unless it's in broad daylight, but in broad daylight, it's actually dark green.  Thus, "stealth green".  I love that. :)

There has been much drama in the whole moving process too, but I'm hoping that will all be over soon.  I am attempting a moving party tomorrow night (my roommate has already started, and will use the truck first tomorrow afternoon for his furniture, then it's my turn).  We will then have just over a week to clean this apartment out thoroughly, with the goal of getting all of our deposit back. :)

So, I've been a bit obsessed with moving, getting a car, fixing the car, and dealing with shifting configurations of life, the universe, and everything.  But I am still here, sometimes. :)

Oh yeah, and if anyone would like my updated address and contact info, email me or send me a private message.

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