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"emo on the couch"

alfrecht has described a common behavior routine of erynn999's DoDC+3 (Dog of Devastating Cuteness, +3), when she goes away, as "emo on the couch".  The dog sits on couch, usually with his head resting directly on the couch, looking wistfully out the porch doors, waiting for erynn999 to come back.

This morning, I got up painfully early to drive erynn999 and joyful_storm to the airport.  They wanted to be there by 9am, and got there by 8:30am (we were miraculously gifted with little traffic, but were prepared just in case).  Then I drove back to erynn999's place, thinking I would Do Things, and instead took a nap until 2:30 in the afternoon.  After which I managed to drag myself to the couch and try to become more actually conscious.

At a certain point, I realized the DoDC+3 and I were both doing "emo on the couch" (in my case waiting for consciousness, but I do miss her too).  Very, very silly. :D

So, I had been taking a few days' break from moving to spend time with my sweetie while she was only in town for a few days, between trips (first to CA, now to Europe).  Now that she's gone, I should get back to that whole moving thing.

Maybe tomorrow. :P  I'm tired.  But at least I'm also amused.  Dogs are good at amusing sometimes. :)
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