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Trying not to freak out...

...which, let's face it, I'm just not very good at. :(  Even if I can interact with people in a calm manner, my body is giving away big signs that I am NOT ok.  I am feeling a little bit better, though, that as the day approaches, that means it's closer to being done so I can move on with my life.

In case anyone doesn't know yet, I've had a bit of excitement in the past month and a half:
1. I was moving out from my apartment in Seattle, and away from my previous roommate.  We are still friends and chosen family, but not living together any more.  We did this so he could stay in the city, and I could move closer to my band and girlfriend, and where there is more nature.

2. To make this possible, I got a car.  The car cost as much to repair in its first week in my possession as it did to buy it in the first place.  Not exactly a confidence builder.

3. I started housesitting/dogsitting for my girlfriend while she was out of town.

4. Roommate got sick last week of old apartment, so I had to coordinate moving out the rest of his stuff, and cleaning and fixing ALL THE THINGS.  While also housesitting and dogsitting, and my stuff in boxes at my new place.

5. Finally got rid of old apartment, in good, cleaned, fixed condition.  Sweetie came home temporarily.  Spent days with my sweetie while she was in town, and planned to actually move in to my new place.

6. Sweetie left, I had a sad.  But, I was looking forward to moving in to my new place, while still taking care of hers.

7. Tried to move into new place, hurt myself (my back, and psoas apparently), couldn't move and open boxes.  Dammit.

8. Got letter from Santa Cruz Housing Authority.  Housing voucher I had applied for in Feb. 2008 had finally become available.  But to get it (possibly my last chance at a voucher in this lifetime), I have to go to Santa Cruz, physically, NOW.  And once I have it, I have to move AGAIN.  

9. The housing authority can't commit to whether I would be able to use the voucher here, where I got my life re-established, or not, until I get there (it's likely, and I have made contacts here to make it even more likely, but they can't guarantee anything until we're face to face with paperwork in hand).  They also can't tell me how long I need to be there, until I get there (there's a briefing that can't be scheduled until after my initial interview).  I'd like to be here to pick up my sweetie from airport in August; they can't say if I will or not.  NOT helping my stress level AT ALL.

10. I rearrange dogsitting, housesitting, the Irish language class I've been teaching, and possible backup plan to get sweetie from airport if necessary, cancel holiday plans with spiritual community, and make plans to go to CA.

11. I had to find stuff I need for the trip that hadn't even been unpacked from moving yet.  Grrrr.

12. Tonight, I have found the things I need for the trip (I think), got most of it organized and packed or ready to pack.  Still need to clean a bunch of things, and it's freaking me out.  Tomorrow, have to get my car back (a friend was cleaning pet smell out of it from previous owner), take care of dog care handoff, teach my last Irish class, and pack my car.  I am also getting a massage after class, because dammit, I really need one, and I can.

13. Thursday, I will be leaving.  I am hoping for a) a safe and easy drive there, b) a quick, easy, effective, and surprisingly pleasant set of interactions with the housing authority, c) a safe and easy trip back home, soon, and d) and easy time finding, renting, and moving into a suitable apartment, where I can happily stay and NOT MOVE AGAIN for a very, very long time.

But first I have to clean things, to be ready for more packing.  Ugh. :(
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